Bullet Launch comes with a number of free plugins installed to enable various functionality which is not native to Bubble. I have tried to minimise the number of plugins as much as possible and am only using free plugins from reputable sources.

Below is a list of the plugins and what they do.

Air Chart Lite - Best Free Charts

Enables the creation and display of line charts as seen in the UI - Charts element.

Air Copy To Clipboard

Allows app users to copy text to their clipboard with a single click, enhancing user interaction and data handling within the app.

API Connector

This plugin lets the app connect to various external APIs for extended functionality, such as sending emails, integrating AI services, processing payments, and more. This plugin is built by the Bubble team.

Audio Player Full - BEP

Provides a full-featured audio player that can be embedded within the app, allowing users to play, control, and manage audio files. This is used for playing audio generated by OpenAI with its Text-To-Speech functionality.

Bubble Toast

Displays non-intrusive alert messages or 'toasts' on the app's interface, which are useful for showing notifications or confirmations.

Chart Element

This is the standard Bubble plugin for creating dynamic, customizable charts directly in the app. It includes bar, pie, and line charts, albeit with relatively basic styling. This plugin is built by the Bubble team.


This is a useful plugin which lets you apply custom CSS and Javascript to elements in your Bubble app. Read more about it here.

Full Calendar

This is the standard Bubble calendar plugin, and is used in the UI: Calendar element. This plugin is built by the Bubble team.

Google Material Icons

Provides a collection of visually consistent icons based on Google's Material Design guidelines, enhancing the app's user interface. This is a fallback for situations where Heroicons is lacking a specific icon.


A set of simple, elegant open-source icons that can be used to improve the design and user navigation within the app. These are used widely within the app.

Multiselect Dropdown

Allows users to select multiple options from a dropdown list, useful for filters, forms, and any feature requiring multi-choice input. This plugin is built by the Bubble team.

Progress Bar

Creates visual progress indicators which can be used to show users the status of a process, like uploads, downloads, task completion, etc.

Rich Text Editor

Incorporates a text editor with formatting capabilities into the app, enabling users to input and edit styled text, much like a word processor. This plugin is built by the Bubble team.


Facilitates secure payment processing within the app by integrating with Stripe, allowing for credit card payments, subscription billing, and financial transactions. This plugin is built by the Bubble team.


A collection of utility elements that provide extended functionality to the app, including running JavaScript, server-side actions, and more.

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