Bubble can send emails without needing to set anything up, but they will be sent from a Bubble email address containing the name of your app. It's functional but it doesn't look professional.

In order to send from your own custom domain, you need to use a third-party email service provider like Sendgrid, Postmark, or Loops.

I'm not a fan of Sendgrid for various reasons, so I always opt for Postmark. I've also integrated Loops in case you prefer to use that.


Postmark is my favourite email service provider and the one I use for all my projects. It's easier to use and has reputedly better deliverability than Sendgrid.

To use Postmark, follow the steps below:

  1. Create an account on Postmarkapp.com

  2. Click the link in the confirmation email.

  3. At this point you will be in test mode and able to send emails from the email address you just confirmed. I would recommend following the further steps to authenticate your domain in Postmark, which will allow you to send emails from any address on your domain.

Send a plain text email

With Postmark you can send a plain text transactional email without needing to set up a template in the Postmark app.

Send a templated email

Send a templated email

In the Postmark dashboard you can create your own HTML email templates complete with your logo and branding, and use them to send your emails. You can use dynamic variables to send through data to populate the email.

For example, you could have one template for all your emails and just replace the text with whatever you want to say each time.

Or you could design various fancy emails with different layouts and send them in different situations.

Below is a very basic example of a templated email.


Loops is a relatively new platform but comes well recommended.

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