Bullet Launch contains a small number of pages which represent the main functionalities within the app. The majority of the functionality within the app will occur on the dashboard page which will function as a "single-page app" where reusable elements are shown and hidden depending on the tab the user has selected. Single-page apps are best way to provide a snappy, responsive user experience as the page does not need to change every time the user moves to another section.


The main landing page of the app, typically serving as the entry point for users. This contains a number of typical SaaS landing page elements.


A dedicated authentication page where users can log in or sign up to access the app.

example_dashboard (can be deleted)

A sample dashboard page to showcase how a dashboard can be structured or designed.


The function of this page is to enable the app to log users out via the navigation panel. The page has a single workflow which logs the user out as they arrive on the page, and then redirects them to the auth page.


The onboarding process for new users, which can include tutorials, user information setup, or initial configuration steps.


A page showing the app's price plans and premium features, where the user can choose a plan, upgrade and be redirected to Lemon Squeezy or Stripe.


A custom error page displayed when a user attempts to access a page that does not exist or is unavailable.


A customisable dashboard page for the app admin to manage the app, including some app-wide settings and generating legal terms.


The main dashboard for users, where they can view, manage, and interact with various aspects of the app relevant to them.

For apps with multiple types of users who require significantly different functionality, for example a marketplace with buyers and sellers, the dashboard page can be duplicated so that each user type has its own dashboard.

A page that includes legal information such as Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy.


An optional page designed to look like a marketplace search page.


A page for viewing an individual item, such as a user profile, an individual project, or anything the app requires.


A page that allows users to reset their password if they have forgotten it or wish to change it for security reasons.

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