AI integrations

Chat completion

Generates a response to a given piece of text within a chat context, simulating a conversation.

Chat completion multi message

Handles multiple messages in a conversation, providing context-aware completions over a series of chat exchanges.

FINE TUNING - File upload

Allows for the upload of a file containing training data to fine-tune the model for specific tasks or domains.

FINE TUNING - Start fine tuning job

Initiates a fine-tuning process on the model using the previously uploaded training data to customize its responses.

FINE TUNING - Get fine tuning job result

Retrieves the results of a fine-tuning job, which may include the model's performance and any errors encountered.

FINE TUNING - Delete model

Deletes a fine-tuned model from the system, likely for cleanup or to manage storage and model versions.

Create image with Dall-E

Uses the Dall-E model to generate an image based on a textual description, showcasing the AI's creative capabilities.

GPT Vision - Analyse image

Employs an AI model to analyze an image and provide insights or descriptions of its contents.

Text to speech

Converts text into spoken words, generating an audio output from a given text input.

Whisper transcribe

Transcribes audio to text, likely using OpenAI's Whisper model for accurate speech-to-text conversion.

Chat Completion JSON Mode

Processes chat inputs and generates completions in JSON format, potentially for integrations that require structured data output.

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