This page is for important things you need to know before you start using the template. I will keep adding to this as I discover new things!

1. If your app is on the free plan, some things will not work

I would love to have made the app fully functional on the free plan but this would have meant building things in a sub-optimal way and ignoring best practices. In the end I decided to build as if it's on a paid plan because anyone who actually wants to launch their SaaS will have to be on a paid plan anyway. I recommend you use the 2 week free trial Bubble offers to properly test the template and all its functionality. Just make sure you cancel before the end of the trial if you don't want to continue paying.

Things that won't work properly

  • Some of the styling may look slightly off because there is a small amount of custom CSS used in the app, but on the free plan custom header code does not get applied.

  • Anything using a backend workflow will not work on the free plan:

    • Emails

    • Receiving subscription updates via webhook from Stripe or Lemon Squeezy

    • Activity log (as this runs off a database trigger)

    • Adding a user to an entity if they joined by invite link

    • AI generation

2. 🚨 Disabling the app's demo mode

The Bubble template marketplace requires a preview version of the app, which means anyone can log in and try out the template.

To make this possible but reduce the risk of people uploading giant files or unsavoury content, I've put in a place a demo login feature on the landing page. This automatically logs the user in as test@test.com.

Throughout the app there are conditionals on various buttons which make them unclickable if the current user's email is test@test.com.

You can either delete these conditionals or just leave them in place, they won't interfere with your app.

You should do the following 3 steps every time you start with a new version of the template (should take about 1 minute total):

a) Re-enable the login/signup button on the Auth page

b) Remove the demo login buttons/workflow on the landing page

Delete or repurpose the Demo login button on the landing page (there is also one near the bottom).

c) Delete the demo login custom event

Delete the demo login custom event from the workflows tab on the landing page.

3. App settings have been moved to an option set

In some of the tutorial videos I mention the App Settings data type which is used to store things like the name of the app, logo image, choice of email platform etc.

I decided to move this to an option set to reduce workload unit usage.

I will update the videos to reflect this in due course.

4. Please join the Slack workspace

Please join the Bullet Launch Slack to make it easy to report any bugs, provide feedback, and meet other builders!

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